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Academic Collaborators

Within the University of British Columbia


Robin Naidoo

Conservation Science Program, WWF-US. Adjunct Faculty, IRES, UBC

My research interests encompass topics in both the social and natural sciences, including the economic costs and benefits of nature conservation, ecosystem services, landscape ecology, and wildlife ecology.


   Postdoctoral Associates

Brent Chaimberlain

IRES and Computer Science, UBC

I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Computational Sustainability working at the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability and Computer Science at UBC. For more information, please visit my website.


   Graduate Students

Karina Benessaiah

School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, Arizona State University
I am broadly interested in coastal/marine social-ecological dynamics at various scales. More particularly, I am trying to understand the systemic relationships between and among coastal ecosystem services and livelihoods and relate those to resilience, adaptation and vulnerability.

Natasha Sihota

Earth and Ocean Sciences, UBC

The primary goal of my thesis work is to develop new methods for quantifying natural attenuation rates at sites impacted by fuel spills.

Nathan Vadeboncoeur




Across Universities


Anne Salomon

School of Resource & Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University
My students and I seek to inform ecosystem approaches to marine conservation by advancing our understanding of the coupled interactions between humans and the productivity, biodiversity and resilience of marine food webs.



Gary Luck

Institute for Land, Water and Society, Charles Sturt University
My research falls into two main categories: 1) the relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem services and the contribution of services to human well-being; and 2) the implications of socio-economic and human demographic change for biodiversity conservation.

Thomas Sisk

 Laboratory of Landscape Ecology and Conservation Biology, Northern Arizona University
Tom and his colleagues address diverse issues related to western landscape conservation, combining field study, geographic analysis, and spatial modeling.


Postdoctoral Associates

Natalie Ban

Coral Reef Studies, Australian Research Council Centre for Excellence 
My interests span conservation biology, marine spatial planning, conservation planning and implementation. Currently a research fellow at James Cook University in Australia, my research focuses on options for the conservation of biodiversity whilst respecting people’s needs and uses of resources.




Graduate Students

Rachelle Gould

Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources, Stanford University
Rachelle’s research focuses in two areas, which she is working to integrate: (1) the values that people hold related to ecosystems (through the lens of Cultural Ecosystem Services) and (2) restoration ecology, including restoration decision-making. For her doctoral research, she is studying reforestation in Hawai’i – both its biophysical and its social aspects.


Local, Provincial, and Federal Collaborators


Linda Nichol

Cetacean Research Program and Sea otters, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

I am a biologist in our group. Our research is focused in support of conservation of SARA listed cetaceans and the sea otter. My sea otter research involves population surveys to assess trends in population growth and range of occupation of BC’s recovering sea otter population. Additional collaborative research involves examining habitat selection and use by sea otters, foraging ecology and assessment of health and disease in the population.




Tomas Tomascik

Parks Canada

I am currently working as a science adviser for marine conservation at the
Western Northern Service Centre, Parks Canada Agency, in Vancouver. My
focus is on the establishment of marine protected areas as tools for
protecting marine biological diversity, and ecologically sustainable use of
marine resources. My current research interests are in community ecology of
marine and coastal benthic ecosystems.

Private and NGO Collaborators



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