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Kai, Sarah and Gerald to speak at SCB, New Zealand

Kai, Sarah and Gerald to speak at SCB, New Zealand

Kai Chan, Sarah Klain and Gerald Singh scheduled to talk at the upcoming International Congress for Conservation Biology meeting in Auckland, New Zealand. Dec 5 – 9 2011

New Blog Post: Triage Terror

Kai Chan and Sarah Klain have written a blog post entitled, Triage Terror: Are conservation scientists ready to let endangered species blink out? Think again.

Important marine invasive species vector- Recreational Boats

Clarke Murray, C, EA Pakhomov and TW Therriault. 2011. Recreational boating: a large unregulated vector transporting marine invasive species. Diversity and Distributions. 17(6):1161-1172 DOI: 10.1111/j.1472-4642.2011.00798.x

Collaborators Old Code

Old page code. Just storing it here. Academic Collaborators Local, Provincial, and Federal Collaborators Private and NGO Collaborators

Diving Off the Barkley Star

Diving research near Bamfield with the BCCES research group

Infaunal engineer established in the Northeast Pacific

Mach, M.E., C.D. Levings, P.S. McDonald, and K.M.A. Chan (2011) An Atlantic infaunal engineer is established in the Northeast Pacific: Clymenella troquata (polychaeta: maldanidae) on the British Columbia and Washington Coasts. Biological Invasions.

Snail Behaviour in Response to Danger Cues

Mach M.E. and P.E. Bourdeau (2011) To flee or not to flee? Risk assessment by a marine snail in multiple cue environments. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology.

Ecosystem Services in Planning

Chan, K. M. A., L. Hoshizaki and B. Klinkenberg (2011) “Ecosystem Services in Conservation Planning: Targeted Benefits or Co-benefits/Costs?” PLoS ONE 6(9): e24378.

Ethical Extensionism under Uncertainty of Sentience: Duties to Non-Human Organisms without Drawing a Line

Chan, K. M. A. (2011). “Ethical extensionism under uncertainty of sentience: Duties to non-human organisms without drawing a line.” Environmental Values 20: 323-346. pdf

Review in Faculty of 1000

Klain S, Chan K: “Newton raises important cautionary advice on how people have a tendency to manipulate any measure that is formally recognized as an indicator” Evaluation of: [Newton AC. Implications of Goodhart’s Law for monitoring global biodiversity loss. Cons Lett. 2011; 4:264-268]. Faculty of 1000, 11 Aug 2011.