Clare Price awarded a SSHRC scholarship

CHANS Lab Master’s student, Clare Price, received the SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship for her research on bird sound, urban noise, and their relationship with human well-being.

Jo Fitzgibbons and co. find Vancouver neighborhoods most in need of restorative nature least likely to have it; coverage by CBC and more

CHANS Lab PhD candidate, Jo Fitzgibbons, and team found that the most socially vulnerable areas of Vancouver are least likely to have access to restorative nature. Jo joined Dr. Tahia Devisscher, Taelynn Lam, Ingrid Jarvis, Derek Li, and Dr. Matt Mitchell in an article out in Ambio to propose a new “local restorative nature” index, […]

Rumi Naito defends her PhD

Congratulations to Rumi for an excellent PhD defence! “Messaging for wildlife conservation: leveraging attitudes, intentions, and actions for transformative change” With co-supervisor Jiaying Zhao, Rumi’s supervisory committee included Robin Naidoo, Jeff Sayer, and Intu Boedhihartono. Her external examiner was Kathryn Williams of the University of Melbourne, and her UBC examiners were Dave Hardisty and Daniel Weary. Bravo, Rumi!

CHANS Lab researchers depict how machine learning can suffer data leakage

In a new paper in Nature Ecology & Evolution, Andy Stock, Ed Gregr, and Kai Chan demonstrate how many routine applications of machine learning can inadvertently “leak data”, undermining accurate predictions.

Aaron’s bat research covered by CBC

Especially following the discovery of the fungus that causes White Nose Syndrome, Aaron Aguirre’s bat research has received welcome attention from the media. Check out this <2-minute segment on CBC.

Lea Anderson defends her MA thesis

Congratulations to Lea for her outstanding MA thesis defence! Her examiner was Terre Satterfield, and her supervisory committee included Mollie Chapman and Barbara Muraca. Lea’s thesis, “Seeking transformative lifestyles: a role for social media influencers in creating sustainable futures” is now available.

Kai’s TEDx talk is online

Special Agents, Rubik’s Cubes, and How to Solve the Climate Crisis | Kai Chan | TEDxSurrey

In a planetary crisis, action enables hope. But it’s daunting to try to live sustainably in an unsustainable system. Professor and change-agent Dr. Kai Chan shares stories of triumph and challenge in international policy for nature, and finding the real key to a better future on Earth: you. You are already part of the solution to our many-sided puzzle of climate, ecology, and equity. Join the conversation here. Dr. Kai Chan loves science, play, fitness, and inspiring action for a planet both better and wilder. Check him out @

Kai to speak at TEDxSurrey on Jan. 21st, 2023

Kai will be one of 12 speakers at the TEDxSurrey’s 2023 event, “A Shift in Thinking”, on January 21st. For those wondering how they can help address the climate-and-ecological crisis, Kai’s TEDx Talk will offer some ideas and argue that you may have much more to offer than you realized. The remaining speakers will cover […]

Daniel Forrest receives Josephine T. Berthier Fellowship

CHANS Lab graduate student, Daniel Forrest, received the Josephine T. Berthier Fellowship. The fellowship was awarded via the UBC Affiliated Awards – Master’s competition, and will provide $16,000 to support Dan’s research through Summer 2023. Congrats, Dan!  

4 CHANS Lab students become Public Scholars!

  Four CHANS Lab graduate students, Anna Santo, Dana Johnson, Jo Fitzgibbons, and Dan Forrest, joined UBC Graduate & Post-doctoral Studies’ Public Scholars Initiative. This program supports UBC doctoral students whose research extends beyond the academy, and beyond traditional disciplinary approaches, to have a tangible impact for the public good through collaborative, action-oriented, and/or creative […]