Kai to speak at TEDxSurrey on Jan. 21st, 2023

Kai will be one of 12 speakers at the TEDxSurrey’s 2023 event, “A Shift in Thinking”, on January 21st. For those wondering how they can help address the climate-and-ecological crisis, Kai’s TEDx Talk will offer some ideas and argue that you may have much more to offer than you realized. The remaining speakers will cover […]

Daniel Forrest receives Josephine T. Berthier Fellowship

CHANS Lab graduate student, Daniel Forrest, received the Josephine T. Berthier Fellowship. The fellowship was awarded via the UBC Affiliated Awards – Master’s competition, and will provide $16,000 to support Dan’s research through Summer 2023. Congrats, Dan!  

4 CHANS Lab students become Public Scholars!

  Four CHANS Lab graduate students, Anna Santo, Dana Johnson, Jo Fitzgibbons, and Dan Forrest, joined UBC Graduate & Post-doctoral Studies’ Public Scholars Initiative. This program supports UBC doctoral students whose research extends beyond the academy, and beyond traditional disciplinary approaches, to have a tangible impact for the public good through collaborative, action-oriented, and/or creative […]

Julia Craig’s bat research covered in Vancouver Sun

The story by Tiffany Crawford was titled, “UBC researcher rides bicycle around Vancouver to study how city affects bats”. Julia is now on a cross-continental bike tour of South America.

Ashli Akins defends her PhD

Congratulations to Ashli for her exceptional PhD Defence today for her dissertation entitled, “Pampa and Pallay : the paradox of culture and economy in the Andean mountains”. It was a pass with no revisions (save a typo). Dorothy Nason and Jon Beasley-Murray were university examiners, Nancy Turner was on Zoom, Mark Turin in absentia, and co-supervisors Wade Davis and Kai Chan asking their own questions and those of external examiner Graham Dutfield at Leeds.

Julia Craig defends her MSc thesis

Congratulations to Julia for her excellent MSc thesis defence for her thesis entitled, “Prime Real Estate: How Urban Landscape Variables Influence Bat Activity in Vancouver, Canada”. Her examination committee included Matt Mitchell, Cori Lausen, and external examiner Cole Burton. Daniel Forrest, Harold Eyster, and Dana Johnson were also collaborators. Bravo, Julia!

Colton Stevens defends his MSc thesis

Congratulations to Colton for his excellent defence of his Master’s research entitled, “Walking the Walk: Outdoor recreation predicts sustainability actions alongside environmental attitudes, values, and beliefs“. Rashid Sumaila served as external examiner, and Terre Satterfield and Dave Hardisty were committee members. Bravo, Colton!

The IPBES Values Assessment is approved by plenary

The Values Assessment of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services was released, with the message that “Decisions Based on Narrow Set of Market Values of Nature Underpin the Global Biodiversity Crisis“. News coverage included an article in Nature and this one in The Guardian, among many others. Kai Chan served as a chapter Review Editor.

Lea Anderson publishes an op-ed on COP15

Montréal is hosting COP15. Here’s why Canadians should care” in the National Observer

Alberto Campos coauthors new IUCN manual on privately protected areas

Alberto Campos coauthors new practical guidelines for people managing privately protected areas that were recently released by the IUCN NL Land Acquisition Fund and American Bird Conservancy.