Lea Anderson wins a SSHRC CGS-M

Lea Anderson just got awarded a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Canada Graduate Scholarship for her Master’s. Bravo!

Lea and Lauren’s essay published in the National Observer

Lea Anderson (1st year MA, RES) and Lauren Moody (3rd year BSc) argued for system change and a path to achieve it.

CoSphere news in Vancouver Sun

Vancouver Sun covered the CoSphere launch in this article.

Kai’s Overshoot Day essay published in The Globe and Mail

By March 13, Americans and Canadians have used up our share of the planet’s resources for the year. In this essay, Kai explains how our response should differ from the usual “3 things to do for the planet”. The pre-edited version on CoSphere’s site.

System change Q&A for Overshoot Day

Following Canada’s Overshoot Day (Mar 13), we’re launching CoSphere. Here’s UBC’s Q&A, explaining why we need a different approach to combat the climate and ecological crises.

Lauren Moody wins a Wesbrook Scholarship and the Sherwood Lett Memorial Scholarship

These are among UBC’s top honours for undergraduate students. Lauren has been working with CHANS Lab and CoSphere since May 2021. Congratulations to Lauren!

CHANS Lab is launching CoSphere

Following North America’s Overshoot Day (Mar 13), CHANS Lab will be launching CoSphere with partners including David Suzuki Foundation, Plastic Oceans, Raincoast Conservation, and CPAWS. Join and share our community for transformative change towards a sustainable and just future!

Ubyssey covers Harold Eyster’s dual accomplishment

Finishing a deeply interdisciplinary PhD wasn’t enough: when Harold defended, he also finished running every single km of Vancouver’s streets. See the Ubyssey article and Harold’s blog on CHANS Lab Views.

Alberto & Kai publish an op-ed on rewilding in The Province

Rewilding can restore ecosystems and biodiversity in B.C.
Opinion: Today, scientists are studying mass extinctions, and wondering if bringing back some of these and other animals could help alleviate our planet’s current climate and extinction crises, including here in B.C.

Great personal stories about transformative change and sustainability

The CoSphere site has two new Personal Stories posts:

John Robinson aka Mr. Sustainability, Kai’s long-time colleague at UBC, talks about transitions vs. transformations, the path to building one of North America’s greenest buildings, and updating the history of environmental thought.

Alanna Mitchell, one of Canada’s leading environmental journalists who now performs theatrically about the oceans and the climate crisis, wrote about her journey from the Globe and Mail and Oxford University to centre stage.