Perennial Staple Crops

Staple crops, which have large amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, provide the bulk of calories in people’s diets. Perennial crops, that can yield for many years in environmentally beneficial long-lived systems, also produce staples foods, but their agronomic and nutritional properties haven’t been considered synthetically in comparison to annual staples. This dataset assembles literature for 51 perennial staple crops, building on the work of Toensmeier (2016) to generate the best available yield and nutritional estimates for perennial staple crops. Follow this link to the figshare repository where you can access the data, which is organized into three categories:

  1. Classification of perennial staple crops according to their nutritional categories and cultivation status.
  2. Reported yields potential of 51 perennial staple crops, only 15 of which are well characterized in existing global datasets.
  3. Nutritional content for three macronutrients and nine micronutrients for the 51 perennial staple crops.
These data were developed and assembled as part of Maayan Kreitzman’s doctoral work in collaboration with Eric Toensmeier with the help of Santiago Tomassi.