Gaston et al., “People and nature—A journal of relational thinking”

Gaston, K.J., E. Aimé, K.M.A. Chan, R. Fish, R.S. Hails and C. Maller. (in press). “People and nature—A journal of relational thinking.” People and Nature 1(1): 4–5. Doi: 10.1002/pan3.7

This editorial introduces our new journal. Snippets include the following, “We strive to welcome and evaluate every submission on its own terms; we cannot promise to “get it” on first read, but we can promise to try…. we heard from a lot of researchers who had experienced painful review processes for their interdisciplinary work. We commit to being a leading light of interdisciplinary editing and peer review…. People and Nature thus aspires to be not a collection of unlike contributions to different literatures, but rather the nexus where these various literatures about human‐nature relationships convene.”