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Cam Bullen defends his Master’s

Cameron defended his Master’s thesis about Steller’s sea cows entitled, “A Marine Megafaunal Extinction and Its Consequences for Kelp Forests of the North Pacific“. Congratulations, Cam!

Jo Fitzgibbons selected for the Governor General’s Gold Medal by the University of Waterloo

Jo received this great honour for her Master’s research, which explored the process and politics of planning for urban resilience under the supervision of Dr. Carrie Mitchell.

Ashli Akins featured in National Geographic

Ashli Akins was interviewed by National Geographic about the challenges of running an NGO during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ashli runs Mosqoy in Peru, protecting intangible cultural heritage associated with weaving.

Singh et al., Mapping cumulative impacts to coastal ecosystem services in BC

Singh, G.G., I.M.S. Eddy, B.S. Halpern, R. Neslo, T. Satterfield and K.M.A. Chan (2020). “Mapping cumulative impacts to coastal ecosystem services in British Columbia.” PLOS ONE 15(5): e0220092. Doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0220092