Scientists and Engagement/Outreach



There are relatively well developed metrics for some research and teaching activities of scientists (scientists interpreted most broadly to include scholars of all kinds), but other activities have received relatively less attention. We are partnering with the Global Young Academy to focus on engagement or outreach — communicating or working with people outside of research institutions (e.g., journalists, industry, policy-makers etc.)—an important component of many scientists’ jobs. The aim of this study is to determine how universities and science-based institutions measure and reward staff for such activities. We seek to characterize the differences between (a) the views of employees and their administrators, (b) what is viewed as important and what is rewarded, and (c) what is rewarded and what is measured. We’re also interested in how student & postdoc views compare with those of professors and scientists in other organizations (government, NGO, etc.). These insights will help the Global Young Academy guide best-practices in the measurement of ‘engagement’ activities.

To help us with this study, please take our survey: for professors, government & NGO scientists, and for students & postdocs.

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