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Megan (lab alum) and Kai publish on the potential impact of an invasive seagrass

Megan (lab alum) and Kai publish on the potential impact of an invasive seagrass

Megan Mach (lab alum), Sandy Wyllie-Echeverria (UW seagrass  researcher), and Kai Chan summarized 40 years of scientific research on Zostera japonica, a nonnative seagrass species in the Northeast Pacific, to investigate its effect  on ecosystem processes and identify research gaps that might interfere with management objectives. Our analysis was especially relevant for ongoing policy discussion […]

Klain, Satterfield & Chan 2014 Ecol Economics: Ecosystem services and their bundled qualities

Klain, S.C., Satterfield, T.A., Chan, K.M.A., 2014. What matters and why? Ecosystem services and their bundled qualities. Ecological Economics 107, 310–320. doi:10.1016/j.ecolecon.2014.09.003 URL

Naeem … Olmsted et al. 2015 Science: Science right when paying for services

Naeem, S., J. C. Ingram, A. Varga, T. Agardy, P. Barten, G. Bennett, E. Bloomgarden… P. Olmsted et al. 2015. Get the science right when paying for nature’s services. Science 347(6227):1206-1207.

Mach et al. 2014 OCM: Ecological Effects of an Invasive Seagrass

Mach ME, S Wyllie-Echeverria and KMA Chan. 2014. Ecological effect of a nonnative seagrass spreading in the Northeast Pacific: a review of Zostera japonica. Ocean and Coastal Management 102:375–382.

Mach & Chan 2014 F1000Research: Greenbacks for Greencrabs

Mach ME and KMA Chan. 2014. Trading greenbacks for green crabs: Evaluating the commercial shellfish harvest at risk to European green crab invasion. F1000Research. [v3; ref status: indexed, ]